Town of Hebron Planning and Zoning Commission Approval January 12th 2005
Conditions of Approval consisting of a  2 Page Document 18 Conditions

Petition #2004-14 Application of Horton Brothers, LLC for approval of a Master Concept Plan within the Village Green District under the provisions of Section 5.10
Of the Hebron Green District Regulations, on a 148 acre parcel of property. Premises located at 17 Kinney Road, with frontage on the north side of Kinney Road, the east side of Church Street and the south side of Main Street(<>
(Map12 Lot 59). VG District.

1. Copy of Planning and Zoning Approval with Conditions
2. Planning and Zoning Approval Revised Phase 1 (2009)

Zoning Regulations
Town of Hebron, Connecticut

1. Section 5.10 Village Green District Pages 5-33 to5-47

Plan of Conservation and Development January 2004
Town of Hebron, CT
1. Town of Hebron 2004 Plan of Development - Village Green District Pages 89 to 93

Army Corp of Engineers Approval dated October 26th 2005
Approval to fill 6,600 sf of Forested Wetlands area

1. Cover Letter 5-17-2006 TO ACOE with Revised MCP Plan for Hebron Village Green District
2. Copy Revised MCP Plan
3. Letter of Approval and Attachments from ACOE
4. Copy of Invasive Plant Management Plan per requirement of ACOE
5. Copy of Recorded Map and Conservation Easement Deed per ACOE requirements

State of Connecticut Department of Transportantion and State Traffic Commission

1. Revised Phase One Maps | Approved By STC
2. SPC Certificate - 2009 with Renewal 2010
3. Signal Light Plan to be Installed Early 2011

Special Services Tax District (SSTD) Established 2009

1. Cover Letter Referendum Approved
2. SSTD Articles of Operation
3. VGD Map of Special Service Tax District
4. Summary of Costs Signal Light and Utilities to be Installed by SSTS Approval
5. Signal Light Plan (12-2010)